Fall (Loose Leaf) Pick Up Schedule

(This service has been completed for the season)

Below is the anticipated schedule for loose leaf pick up. Leaf collection will begin on October 8th and continue until snow season begins. Loose leaf pick up will run on a continuous rotation, through the street order as listed below.   

Loose Leaf Requirements

1) Leaves should be raked to the road (not in the road) in narrow piles, no more than three feet wide. 

2) Please do not place debris into the pile of leaves (sticks, stones, pumpkins, flower pots, soil, etc). Material other than leaves will damage the equipment used to pick up your leaves and will result in slower pick up for everyone.

Note: RCA maintenance staff will rake your leaves into the road during pick up. Please do not rake your leaves into the road, as large piles of leaves can create a hazard.


We use a variety of methods to pick up leaves:

Leaf Vacuum

The leaf vacuum is a large municipal vacuum that intakes your leaves and chops the leaves into small pieces.

Trailer and Loader


Under certain circumstances, maintenance staff uses small bucket equipment to pick up your leaves.


Bagged leaves

If you decide to bag your leaves, they must be in biodegradable bags. Your bags may be picked up at a separate time than the fall loose leaf pickup schedule.


Loose Leaf Pick Up Schedule:

The street in RED is where they anticipate beginning the next business day. 

PLEASE NOTE: At any given time during the season, the daily street order may be changed due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.   

Peony Farm Lane, Walpole Lane, Sage Lane                                                                                                     

Radburn Drive, Stevenage Drive, Harlow Lane, Brixham Court

Walden Lane, Blue Heron Circle, Vallingby Circle                                                                                                            

Wandering Way, Hawks Watch

Potter Road, Darting Bird Lane, Warming Springs, Fiddlehead Glen, Cady's Arbor

Far Reach Drive, Hidden Lake Drive, Carmella's Circle, Salvatore Ave 

River Grove Trail, Hickory Knoll Lane,

Marinus Drive, Isle of Pines, Tallwood Ridge, River Watch, Foxfire Lane

Reston Drive, Grey Birch, Stanford Drive, Jayhawk Circle 

Melvin Drive North, Melvin Drive SouthLightfoot Lane, Porter Cottage

Wrenwood Circle, Van Wie Drive East, Madeleine Drive

QuakerLady Circle, Briar Patch, FilareeCircle, Gilly Flower Court, Partridgeberry 

Oak Brook Road, Twin Flowers Road, Rock Rose Circle

Van Vie Drive West,  Alletta Circle, Corlear Drive

Mourning Dove
, Holly Ridge, Green Meadow, Scotch Broom Circle

Esprit Glade, Vermillion Circle, Moonraker Court

Festival Court, Crimson King Circle, Royal Scarlet Drive, Longworth Court, Autumn Ridge Path

Luchsinger Lane, Alex Lane

Samantha Drive, Villa Ridge Court, Venetian Drive, Twilight Court

Marco Lane, Sanibel Circle, Captiva Court, Whisper Ridge Circle, Sheldrake Circle, Crocus Lane

North Entry Road, Braewood Drive, Claybourne Lane, Hayfield Lane, Amberlea Lane 

Amesbury Drive, Kingsbridge Lane, Coriander Lane

Carpenter Road, 
Basswood Lane, Welwyn Lane 

Oberon Drive,
Burrwood Drive, Letchworth Lane, Cumberstone Lane, Hadley Lane

East Patrol Road, Timberlea Lane, Beaver Brook Lane

Blythewood Court, Field's End Drive,  Pasture Gate Lane, Columbine Circle



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